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With more than 20 years of experience in R&D and production of hot melt adhesives, the sales network covers the whole country and exports overseas at the same time
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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Bulk Adhesive

[Application of Hot Melt Adhesive]: Directly coated PE bag wrinkle-free hot-melt adhesive, high-strength sealing hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, colorless and transparent hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive;
[Application model]: BH18A, BH23, CU505, CU5139, CU5140;
[Performance characteristics]: Good initial viscosity, good low temperature effect, good high temperature performance, and good stickiness.
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Our company has developed a courier bag sealant with excellent low-temperature performance for the courier bag industry. It is characterized by being able to effectively stick the courier bag at room temperature and minus 20°C (the specific temperature is related to the material), and can achieve the effect of breaking the bag. . The same glue is used in winter and summer to ensure that there is no problem when the season changes. It can also solve a few problems:

1. Directly coated PE bag without wrinkle hot melt adhesive: that is, general hot melt adhesive is coated on PE bag. After a period of time, the PE bag will wrinkle, which will affect the appearance and also have a certain impact on the viscosity of the adhesive. The PE non-wrinkle hot melt adhesive developed by our company can solve this problem.

2. High-strength sealing hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive: it can break thick PE bags to meet high-strength requirements.

3. Colorless and transparent hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive: The adhesive is colorless and transparent after coating, which can meet the requirements of colorless and transparent appearance.

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